Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two prayers

1.  Blessings on Scotland today.

Photo by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

2.  Here in Nebraska, we've noticed that the migration of monarch butterflies has been underway for the last week or two. Migrating monarchs aren't difficult to spot, as they straight-line on a definite north-south axis, heading for their few critical acres in Mexico. We have Asclepias milkweeds (mostly common and honeyvine) in our prairie garden, along with food plants for adult monarchs (notably Joe Pye and Rocky Mountain bee plant), so we're doing our bit. Overall, though, milkweeds are far less abundant than they used to be, and the monarch population is a shadow of its former self. As we watched a few of the butterflies heading south, Jessica made a plaintive observation: "Mark, I don't want to see the last migration." Amen to that, and vaya con dios to our little orange friends.