Thursday, February 7, 2008

NFA field meet, February '08—more photos

These pictures courtesy of Anita Johnson.

First, a few of the always-photogenic aplomado falcon—again, this is Jim's bird, Penny.


Next, a few of the dachshunds.

"The better to see you, my dear"—Maxine wearing her vest and a serious expression.

"Get a long little doggie"—Anya.

Anya on the move.


Finally, a couple of Stekoa.


...and after.

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Cat said...

Mark, great photos. Looks like the weather was good for you folks over in Nebraska. I'm in western Wyoming where we're getting pounded by blowing snow day after day. Haven't had a winter like this one for a while. Oh well, the haystack's big, cows and sheep are fine, jackrabbits are abundant.