Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two great rabbit dogs

Not the dachshunds this time, but my best friends' dogs.

Karl Linderholm's beagle, Houlie. Pretty and sweet in one package—the canine Girl Next Door.

Mike Cox's Jack Russell terrier, Gypsy. She is—and I say this with affection—a tough little bitch, hard as nails and twice as sharp. Barbed wire? That can be run through; stitches later. Skunk? Let's rumble!

These photographs, courtesy of Mitchell Renteria, were among those taken for our International Falconer article, but didn't appear in the magazine. (I really thought Seth [Anthony, IF's editor] would use the shot of Gypsy's "battle damage", as it tied in nicely with the text.) I'm happy to give them a space here.

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Henry Chappell said...

I love those beagle photos. "Canine Girl Next Door!" Great description.