Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Antipodean blues

For the last several days, Midnight Oil has taken up permanent residence in my Subaru's CD player. Everywhere I go, the Oils are singing their hearts out about indigenous peoples' rights (reparations, even!), the environment, and righteous waves.

["I hear the Union Jack's to remain..."—Australia's current national flag]

The eucalyptus lollies (thanks, Peter!) are long gone, but I'm still snacking on Kookaburra liquorice and Bundaberg ginger beer. Evenings find me with a glass of Shiraz in hand, and while there's almost a case of Leinenkugel's in the refrigerator, I'll probably pick up a few "oil cans" of Foster's Lager after lacrosse practice tonight.

The likely reason for the Aussie-culture binge is that I have a huge crush on a girl in Australia. Under different circumstances, this might annoy my wife. But she's visiting the University of Newcastle this week, so I reckon she'll understand.

* * *

[Crest of the University of Newcastle]

[A new standard—one of many AusFlag proposals for a new national flag]

[Just for fun, a Chopper Reid video. Tip of the Akubra to Steve and Matt at Querencia for digging this up. Not, um, universally appropriate, so you might want to send the kiddies out of the room.]

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Mark Churchill said...

BTW, I realise Foster's is more popular outside Australia than it is "Dan Unda".

I like it anyway.

If that's a worry for you, HTFU!