Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding Jesus, ever so briefly

I never thought I'd spend much (any) time on video games, but my brother Greg got me hooked on the Nintendo Wii back in November, and we bought one soon thereafter. Blazing Angels is my favourite game (where else will I get to fly a Spitfire?) but we also play quite a bit of Mario Kart.

[Mario Kart: The Rap by Remy M.—HT Patrick at Terrierman's Daily Dose, who shared Remy's rap on Arlington, Virginia]

Anyway, racing on Wi-Fi the other night, Susan and I found ourselves in a lineup with a familiar-looking bearded Mii named Jesus. (Online identities are usually genuine, right?) It's not often we get to go head-to-head with a big celebrity like that, so we were pretty enthused. Unfortunately, our connection was interrupted just as the race got underway, so we can't answer the question posed by all those bumper stickers:

What would Jesus drive?

(Until we find him again, my money's on the Sugarscoot.)


Andy Jones said...

Bwahahaaa, I love it.

And I love Mario Kart....

Mark Churchill said...

Another (possible) deity sighting: Raced against Zeus last night (and beat him several times) but his location was listed as Switzerland, not Greece, so I have my doubts as to his authenticity. Then again, given a prediliction for high mountains, why not take a summer holiday in the Alps?