Sunday, August 16, 2009

photoblogging: Inner Harbor

An afternoon at Baltimore's Inner Harbor with Susan and Ellie:

Downtown skyline.

Water taxi. A flotilla of these blue-marked boats efficiently move both residents and tourists around the harbor; they make for nicely inexpensive sightseeing.

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse. A screwpile light, it originally marked the southern approach to the Patapsco River (Baltimore Harbor is part of the Patapsco system) but was moved to Baltimore about 20 years ago; it is now part of the Baltimore Maritime Museum.

Sanitation boat—the marine equivalent of a street-sweeper. Flotsam is gathered in the wire basket at the bow.

We saw a few canoes and kayaks, but only this one rowboat. It looked like hard work, but I suppose everyone has their own idea of recreation.

One of several tugboats moored at City Pier.

The Mayor D'Alesandro, a Baltimore Fire Department boat stationed near Fort McHenry.

What so proudly we hailed. Fifteen stars and fifteen stripes.

The fishing fleet: double-crested cormorants at rest on pilings.

An osprey, one of several working the harbor.


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