Saturday, September 5, 2009

The pink gun

For several years now, firearms manufacturers interested in expanding their female clientele have taken the sporting goods industry's traditional "shrink it and pink it" approach literally, offering both handguns and long guns in pink finishes.

A good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this post) is considering a handgun. She's being encouraged by her boyfriend, who owns several of his own firearms in addition to the sidearm he was issued as a sheriff's deputy. But he won't "let her" get a pink gun. Is it just me, or does it sound like he's a bit insecure in his masculinity? Or perhaps in hers?

As the saying goes, guns don't kill people, ammunition kills people. Unless her rounds are going to be loaded with face powder instead of gunpowder, even a pink gun will spit out chunks of metal at a pretty impressive velocity. So, "Joey", let her make up her own mind.


mdmnm said...

I'd agree that your friend should be able to make up her own mind. I do believe that there is a legitimate objection to pink guns, especially for personal defense, in that they might not be taken seriously by an attacker. While just as effective as a firearm in a traditional blue or black or a stainless finish, and recognizing that a defensive user will never (properly) pull her gun unless she judges the threat to be one of death or severe bodily harm, the small chance that a pink pistol might lead to the necessity of shooting an attacker who would otherwise flee in the face of a "real pistol" should be a consideration.

Mark Churchill said...

I can see the logic of your argument, but obviously I have limited sympathy for the hypothetical aggressor. On the other hand, I suppose there might be some risk of psychological trauma in the aftermath of even a righteous shooting.

mdmnm said...

Sorry for the delay in responding. Yeah, I'd be fine, too, if an attacker's last words were "I'm not afraid of that toy...urk!" The thing is, even in a clear cut case of self defense, you stand a chance of having to go in front of a grand jury, you'll almost certainly be subject of a police investigation of the incident, and a civil action against you is even possible. All in all, a lot of expense and trouble, to which is added the stress of having to take a life. Now, I'd never say "don't go armed" and I think pink guns are getting to be pretty common, so there's probably not a lot of difference in terms of their effectiveness as a deterrence, but it is a consideration.

Glad to read that you and Stekoa are getting into some game.