Thursday, April 7, 2011

Local birds make good

The Lincoln Journal Star reported earlier this week [full article here] that two of Lincoln's own peregrines have taken up residence on the Westar Energy building in Topeka, Kansas. The tiercel is Boreas, fledged from the Capitol building in 2007—I have written about the "Four Winds" clutch [link], and I'd like to think he is the one I witnessed catching a bat in the Capitol spotlights. The falcon is Nemaha, from the 2009 "Rivers" brood.

There is a camera at the Westar eyrie [link]; select "side cam" and follow the log-in instructions provided. (The "front cam" icon links to an archived video.) Nemaha is apparently on eggs right now. Over 800 videos from the Westar cameras have been posted on YouTube. Most are of the previous pair, Doorly and Hope, both of whom were hatched on the Woodmen Tower in Omaha (1999 and 2002, respectively), and who were evicted by the newcomers from Lincoln.

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