Saturday, June 25, 2011

Subaru flip book

Okay, the giant mechanical spider is a bit cheesy, but the film technique in this Subaru Canada advertisement (by ad agency DDB Canada and Starz Animation) is creative, eh?

This was shot at Cayuga Speedway near Toronto, with the camera car zooming past 760 frames of animation to generate the kineographic effect. The image floats around a bit as the car accelerates, but then holds steady and in-focus as the driver maintains a precise speed and distance from the wall. Here's the making-of-the-video video:

Special bonus: This film, also by DDB for Subaru, will bring back memories for a few people who have been with me without a hawk in the car. Right, Ev?

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ginkgoleaf said...

Indeed. Just add some snow and oncoming traffic, and I'm there!