Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sphinx moth

Occasionally, while putting a new post together, I run across old material that never made it to the blog.This is a sphinx moth we found in the front yard while gardening last summer.

Sphinx moths are often called "hummingbird moths"—they're roughly the same size and feed in a similar manner, sipping nectar from flowers while hovering, and so are sometimes mistaken for hummers—but up close, this one reminds me of an owl.


Anonymous said...

I find these moths alot on the train here in the la/lb harbor area.ive found thm anywhere frm the size of the palm of my hand and smaller(i have bg hands)the eyes and antenna are really cool and the colors in wingspan are really unique.i usually catch thm,at work i pick it up take a pic of it then set it back on the i kno the name of this moth species!thank you.. wdsta1

Emily PiƱon said...

thank you for the info on these unique animals. I just found one at the echo park baseball field and caught it. I currently have it sitting and waiting so I can draw it. looks so scary and very creepy since it is night time but still very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think it is cool that you are blogging about this unique animal. I was just at the echo park baseball field and I saw one. I currently have it sitting around waiting for it to calm down so I can draw it then I will set it free.