Monday, June 30, 2014

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Opened in 1964, the CBBT is a twenty-three mile long complex connecting mainland Virginia with the Eastern Shore. It includes two tunnels—the Thimble Shoals tunnel for Hampton Roads shipping and the Chesapeake Channel tunnel for shipping on the Bay. Bonds were issued for its construction, and all other revenue has been from tolls—no tax money has ever been used for this massive project.

[Shipping bound for Hampton Roads]

[LHD amphibious-assault ship, one of four based in Norfolk]

[Entrance to the Thimble Shoals tunnel]

[Fishing pier and Coast Guard cutter]

After hurricanes and other major storms, the CBBT can be a good place to spot pelagic birds, and on previous crossings under normal conditions, I've seen shorebirds, most notably ruddy turnstones. On this visit, we had to settle for pigeons.

 [Entering the Chesapeake Channel tunnel]

[The CBBT as seen from Cape Charles]

[Looking up the Bay from Cape Charles]

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