Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Verdigre in May

Jessica and I spent virtually the whole of last weekend within a couple hundred yards of this one-lane bridge, at our favourite campsite on Verdigre Creek. We weren't the only ones sticking close: eastern phoebes were nesting on the girders underneath.

Birds, of course, are part of the attraction here, and they were out in force, but the profusion of dame's rocket made an equally strong impression—it was blooming everywhere we looked.

I've noticed before the abundance of downed trees—with gratitude, too, for fallen trees along the creek are part of what makes it such good habitat for trout—and now we know there's more than wind to thank. The beavers have been hard at work this spring.

Ah yes, trout, one of the main reasons we come here. The fishing was good but challenging, as usual; with all the in-stream vegetation, high-sticking nymphs and finessing streamers tends to work best here.


Scenes from camp and creek:

[Photos by Mark & Jessica, mostly Jessica]

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