Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here be dragons

An assortment of dragonflies, all from Douglas and Sarpy Counties, most by Jessa. [UPDATED with new photos 7 August.]

Halloween pennant. The new dragonfly in town? According to the University of Nebraska State Museum, "it is perhaps a recent invader, since there are no records prior to the 1990s except for a large number collected in Cass County in 1914."

Blue dasher. This lowered-wing posture is typical.

Eastern pondhawk, male.

Eastern pondhawk, female.

Pondhawk male and female together. Very much so. This, the second phase of mating, is known as the "wheel position".

Eastern amberwing. Not just small in the photo; they're small in real life as well.

Widow skimmer, eating a ladybird beetle in the first shot.

Damselfly (please don't ask which).

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