Monday, July 24, 2017

"Born Under a Bad Sign"

...and we're back! Apologies for the extended hiatus. I'd love to say I travelled in Tibet, amused myself by visiting Lhassa and spending some time with the head lama, passed through Persia, looked in at Mecca, paid a short but interesting visit to the Khalifa at Khartoum, spent some months researching the coal-tar derivatives, and all the rest of it, but the less interesting real story is that our computer gave up the ghost and we couldn't afford the repairs.

Now, however, I hope to make up for lost time. Barring further catastrophes, I should soon be able to post new photos, quotes, stories, etc. Note that caveat, please, barring further catastrophes. I am learning to put nothing past the fates...

In the meantime, please enjoy some relevant music from the late, great Albert King.

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