Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Around the blogosphere

Observant readers will have noticed a couple of recent additions to the blogroll. Rebecca has apparently discontinued Operation Desert Dove (but I highly recommend reading her final entries there) in favor of the new Operation Delta Duck. I'm flattered that Flyover Country is a charter member of the Delta Duck blogroll, and looking forward to more California adventures as only Rebecca can tell them.

Another new blog is Trevor Herriot's Grass Notes, a prairie blog from a Canadian perspective. (HT John at Prairie Ice.)

Excellent new post at Accipitrarius Sordatus, as well as from both Dan and Gervase at Cheyenne River Updates here and here. Also new tazi puppies at Querencia, so congratulations Steve & Libby.

Here in Lincoln they're making a big deal about the upcoming 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth; less so about Charles Darwin's, which of course falls on the same day. Patrick has a great collection of Darwinian cartoons at Terrierman's Daily Dose, missing out only the Northwoods t-shirt that depicts the final step as a falconer with a peregrine on his fist.

I'm highlighting my neighbours' work largely because I've not been writing much at all lately, but maybe I can at least post a picture later on.

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