Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NFA field meet, February '09

The Nebraska Falconers' Association field meet was held this past weekend in Grand Island. Plenty of falconers attended the business/policy meeting, but (for reasons ranging from perfectly legitimate to highly dubious) most of them left their hawks at home. No accipiters, no falcons, just three bunny hawks. So in the absence of any real story arc—we caught five rabbits over two days and then went home—I'll just post a few photos (taken by me unless otherwise noted).

Bob Noble flushing birds for Hannibal, a Harris' hawk trained by Mike Cox, in an unsuccessful flight out of the hood.

Hannibal flying off a rail car.

Hannibal cruises overhead in search of quarry.

Happy Bob, with Hannibal on the fist and a bunny in the bag.

Reunion: Mike checking Hannibal's keel after the flight.

Hannibal's sister, Clarice, atop a brushpile. (Yes, the names are from The Silence of the Lambs.)

Clarice, still with a footful of grass and fur from a previous flight, launches again from Karl Linderholm's fist.

Flight photos.

Go time!

"Which one is not like the others?"—Stekoa in flight. [Photo by Mitchell Renteria.]

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