Sunday, April 12, 2009

New kid in town

Okay, the Obamas' new dog is now more or less official—welcome to the White House, Bo—and so I suppose I can now introduce our new dog, Mandie.

Mandie is a piebald mini, adopted about a month and a half ago through Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. She took to us right away, and after some hesitation was accepted into the pack by Max & Anya. This dog, however, does have some issues. Very affectionate toward us, she displays what appears to be fear-based aggression toward...well, anybody else. We're thinking of calling in Cesar Millan before somebody loses an ankle.

She's extremely active, very cunning, and her predatory drive is off the charts; it will take much slow, careful introductory work before I can even think about hawking with her—there's no way I would trust her near the hawk right now. Still, she's eager to please, and I have hope of eventually integrating her into the team. Otherwise, we'll have to find another job for her.

[Finally! It turns out she does sleep...]

We're maxed out on dogs now (Lincoln requires special licensing for more than three), so my idle dreams of a bird dog will have to be put on hold. On the other hand, my III Dachshunds Beer T-shirts are completely appropriate now!


Missy "Photographer Sydney" John said...

Oh, I want to hug the dog!
Can I?


Mark Churchill said...

Well, I wouldn't recommend the hug. She's already nipped a couple of visitors. Still, we see hopeful signs and are far from ready to give up on her. Stay tuned!