Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The kids are alright

Following up on a theme previously established by Patrick Burns (Terrierman's Daily Dose) and the Querencia crew, "The Kids Are Alright": Today's example is Mitchell Renteria, family friend and frequent photographic contributor to Flyover Country.

Mitchell already has at least one professional credit as a photographer, having illustrated my hawking-dogs article in International Falconer magazine a couple of years ago. He also interned for a semester with National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. And Mitchell, who is considering a career with the National Park Service, is even now on his way to a summer internship at Yellowstone. Not a bad resumé for a kid who just graduated from high school!

A couple of pictures from the archives:

Milkweed seedpod. Gorgeous lighting.

Golden river. This photo has incredible peace-inducing properties. It's been the background on my computer since the day Mitchell sent it to me; I share it now with the hope that everyone who sees it will sit and sigh and lose track of time for a few moments at least.

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