Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Branch Marsh

A few shots from Big Branch Marsh NWR in Lacombe, Louisiana:

[The refuge is named for the marsh, but the longleaf pine woods in the uplands—"uplands" being a relative term—represent arguably the most critical habitat, as they shelter a population of endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers.]

[Looking out over Lake Pontchartrain.]

[Laughing gull.]

[Blue crabs. The ice chest is admittedly not their natural habitat, but made for a better picture.]

[Marsh grasses.]

[Electric-blue damselfly.]

[Caspian terns, laughing gull, and gull-billed tern at the mouth of Bayou Lacombe.]

[Topminnows, I think. I watched an alligator gar hunting these, but couldn't get a good picture without moving, which would have ruined both the photo opportunity and the gar's lunch.]

[A fare-thee-well (or so I'll assume) from another laughing gull.]

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