Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Assateague Light

Several years ago, my daughter and I made a pilgrimage to scatter my parents' ashes on the soft, sandy soil of the maritime forest around Assateague Light. My dad had suggested Assateague, remembering pleasant camping trips with my mom and her family, and the idea found easy acceptance with me, because I know this barrier island where I spent so much of my childhood is one place I will always return to. I chose the lighthouse not just because it's a beautiful and easily identifiable spot, but because my parents had always guided and protected me, and the beacon metaphor seemed apt. I still miss them, of couse, and always will, but I'm pleased that Mom & Dad are literally part of the island that has always been such a big part of me.

[Assateague Light as seen from Assateague Channel]


[As seen from Tom's Cove, at the southern end of the island]

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