Sunday, July 6, 2014

photoblogging: Assateague beach

Jessa on the beach at Toms Cove. I need to get this girl a decent pair of sunglasses, innit?

In the distance, the old Coast Guard station at Toms Cove, inactive since 1967.

We both liked the purple of the mussel shell against the green of the seaweed.

Beach grasses. Where there are dunes on Assateague, it is grasses like these that hold them together.

The beach is seasonally closed to off-road vehicle use to protect nesting birds, notably black skimmers, least terns, and piping plovers.

And because there are these...

...there are these. The enclosures (this one is likely over a piping plover nest) exclude gulls while letting the nesting birds come and go.

Another mussel shell.

Twelve-spotted skimmer, one of my favourite dragonflies.

Bathing beauty.

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