Tuesday, January 1, 2019

King of Bohemia

A few days ago, Stekoa, Anya, and I drove up to the Bohemian Alps—a region of rolling hills settled by Czech immigrants in the 19th century—near Prague, Nebraska. (Maxine, getting up in years and having hunted hard the day before, opted for a day off.) We were rewarded with lovely scenery and a fantastic flight on this, our last rabbit of 2018. There will be more before the season ends, inshallah.

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Jason Krysl said...

Hey Mark, love seeing this. Ive always held a passing interest in Falconry. Is there an active Falconry Club nearby Lincoln? Any get togethers where a stranger could tag along to watch? Ive seen mention of the Nebraska Falconry Association but the website never seems to work for me. Either way keep the Bird posts coming.