Thursday, November 29, 2012

Closing ceremony

One new feature at this year's NAFA meet was a central European-style closing ceremony, hosted by German falconer (and newly elected IAF vice-president) Thomas Richter. Game taken during the meet is laid out on evergreen boughs, songs specific to each game species are played on horns (or, in this case, a recording is played on a speaker), and all present observe a few moments of silence as a gesture of appreciation for the quarry that makes the hunt possible, nourishing both hawks and our spirits.

[Donna Vorce and Shea Stull gathering cedar branches.]

[The square laid out.]

[Game ceremony by torchlight.]

Note to young falconers: The format can be different, but never miss a chance to honour your quarry.

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Phoenix Fire Falconry said...

Thanks for adding this. I have my own post but I did not get the name of the delegate from Germany. I still need to type up text for the pictures. I've referred to your blog from mine as regards the pictures of the falcons, as you have much better pics, and description of what they are. Nice to have met you!