Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My week in review

I had a somewhat odd NAFA meet. I'm always delighted when it's just two hours down the road in Kearney, but I had to work Monday and Tuesday, so I hawked in Lincoln after work on Tuesday and didn't get in to Kearney 'til late. Then I had to return to Lincoln on Wednesday to pick up Ellie, so I hawked in Lincoln again. High winds assured that, once in Kearney, I get in less flying than I had intended, while a series of headaches both literal and figurative meant that I spent less time socialising than I might have otherwise. The result is that I felt strangely detached from all the goings-on.

Still, it was good to have the girls with me, and good to see old friends again. Several of them had missed me in the five years since my last NAFA meet, and a few expressed concern—a reminder that some of these see-you-in-November friendships transcend mere hunting-buddy status to become genuine friendships. Stekoa helped out by flying reasonably well even when it was too windy to find quarry; once the wind died down on Friday afternoon, he caught the second bunny he saw. Photos (by Jessica) from Thursday's and Friday's hunts follow.

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