Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was spectacularly unsuccessful at the NAFA raffles, but Ellie picked up a small treasure on a $1 ticket: this apparently hand-drawn illumination.

Unfortunately, I know nothing of this picture's provenance, or even which raptor is depicted. My first impression is of an Old World kite or, more likely, one of the small forest eagles—a snake-eagle or something similar. That white tail ought to be diagnostic, but a quick look at Ferguson-Lees & Christie (Raptors of the World) yielded no definitive matches. Informed speculation is welcomed, as are translations from anyone who can read the inscriptions in what I take to be Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) but might be Arabic.

Meanwhile, this awaits framing; it will eventually find an honoured space in the Farrell-Churchill household.

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