Monday, December 12, 2016

Riverowenreagh Valley and Looscaunagh Lough

Beyond Moll's Gap, we headed east along the N71 above the Riverowenreagh Valley. The Riverowenreagh itself is just visible in a couple of these photos: toward the right-hand side in the third picture and at the left-hand side of the fifth. (And yes, Riverowenreagh is one word. Don't ask me why.)

If we can't live in Sneem, Jessica and I decided, we want to fix up this abandoned house on the shores of Looscaunagh Lough. We came to this conclusion, incidentally, just prior to finding out it borders on Killarney National Park.

This is the view across the road, Looscaunagh Lough itself. Feel free to stop by once we're settled...

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