Thursday, December 15, 2016

Torc Waterfall

Here I've got a bit muddled. We're definitely in Killarney National Park, but I'm not certain if this is the lower reaches of Upper Lake or if it's Muckross Lake. Pretty either way...

Anyway, a bit further on and a few minutes' hike off the road is the Torc Waterfall.

Above the falls, the trail continues on to a lake vista...

...while below, the rhododendron-hemmed Glengarriff River continues on through the oak forest, under a stone bridge for the N71, eventually to empty into Muckcross Lake. If it looks like a brook trout creek, that's appropriate, because it's got Arctic char, a close relation to the brookie.

Near the Torc Waterfall parking lot, visitors can hire a jaunting car (this is likely one of the last of the season), view red deer, or simply enjoy one of the few remaining native forests in Ireland.

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